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Our benefits

Our Benefits

It is not just your job itself that gives you a good reason to work for us.Our Benefits

What comes with the job is impressive, too. 

At Software AG we understand that having motivated and committed employees is key to achieving excellent performance.  In addition to compensation packages designed to motivate and reward performance, Software AG provides highly competitive benefits programs that help you have what you want in life: personal and professional growth opportunities, security for  your future, and time to enjoy it all with family and friends.


HR is here to support you
At Software AG we work across borders – and without limits. This means that global virtual teams share resources and pool their brainpower to solve business issues and achieve outstanding results.  As a Software AG employee you will be valued for the unique skills, experiences and perspective you bring.  And, our global HR team will accompany you throughout your working life at Software AG, providing you with the support you need to manage your career effectively and achieve your professional goals. 

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