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IT Operations

Automate and control data center IT processes.

Do more with fewer resources:

  • • Gain a single point of control and visibility of all IT processes
  • • Automate IT processes across different platforms, including mainframes, UNIX®, Linux® and Windows® —and prevent errors associated with manual tasks
  • • Reliably handle large volumes of IT processes and events in 24/7 production

Key Benefits

  • Handle high volumes reliably
    • Process millions of IT tasks and events
    • Count on high availability
    • Support disaster-recovery scenarios
  • Automate processes across many platforms
    • Automate IT processes across mainframe, UNIX, Linux and Windows
    • Run the solution on Linux, UNIX or mainframes, such as z/OS®
    • Connect Windows platforms remotely
  • Gain a single point of control
    • Use a single GUI to plan, manage and control all IT processes
    • Gain full visibility of IT processes and events, such as log files and reports
    • Automate reactions and IT processes based on console events to avoid downtime
  • Increase data center productivity
    • Optimize printing by centrally managing print processes and output
    • Automate and control complex and large batch job and service sequences connecting custom-developed (for example, Java®, COBOL, Natural, C++) or packaged applications, such as SAP, as well as operating system tasks or power shells
    • Run intelligent batch jobs— model and automate complex batch job networks (calendar, rules, events, alerts, nested jobs)
  • Link IT to business processes
    • Converge IT with business processes to increase value and measure performance

    SAP® is a registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries

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