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Flexible liquidity, risk and execution management for fast-moving foreign exchange markets.

Gain a sustainable competitive advantage with an agile FX e-commerce platform:

  • • Depend on a customized not a generic black-box solution
  • • Tune prices and manage risk on a per-client basis
  • • Aggregate liquidity price and volume while reducing market impact

Key Benefits

  • FX aggregation
    • Aggregate liquidity of price, depth and quotes
    • Tailor solutions for high-volume FX e-commerce
    • Leverage customized not generic black-box solutions
  • FX dealing
    • Tune trading services on a per-client basis
    • Protect against excessive client risk exposure
    • Maximize profits through intelligent auto-hedging
  • FX internalization
    • Use real-time analytics of transactional data, customer behavior and other historical data to correlate and identify patterns
    • Rapidly apply new fraud rules
    • Reduce execution fees
    • Avoid round-trip time to external venues for faster order executions
    • Reduce market impact

FX e-commerce price aggregation and execution

Price aggregation and execution across multiple venues

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