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Market surveillance: Identify suspicious behavior before the damage is done.

Keep watch with real-time market surveillance of improper and illegal trading:

  • • Rapidly detect rogue, abusive or erroneous trading and respond quickly
  • • Respond to changing regulations with a customizable surveillance platform
  • • Monitor multiple markets, asset-classes and jurisdictions using a single solution

Key Benefits

  • Detect rogue, abusive or erroneous trading and respond quickly
    • Combine real-time and historical data to identify prohibited or unwanted behaviors
    • Monitor pre- and post-trade with a highly scalable real-time monitoring platform
    • Recognize complex rules and patterns
    • Add new rules, fine-tune existing rules in real-time
    • Handle massive amounts of “data in motion” from multiple data sources
    • Store relevant data in-memory for real-time responses
  • Customize market surveillance platform as regulations change
    • Respond to urgent regulatory demands
    • Adapt scenarios to changing regulatory needs
    • Monitor fraud investigation efforts
    • Balance workloads to ensure maximum recovery
    • Get complete auditing transparency and traceability
    • Integrate siloed data for holistic monitoring across risk and compliance
  • Tailor the solution for multiple markets, asset classes and jurisdictions
    • Integrate multiple sources and asset classes, including exchange traded and OTC
    • Merge and correlate end-of-day data streams with intra-day data streams
    • Survey across combined data sets as if in real-time
  • Reduce deployment time
    • Implement and customize rich out-of-the-box functionality
    • Accommodate rapidly evolving regulatory requirements

Market surveillance alert and case management

Market surveillance monitoring fully featured alert and case management

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