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Solution Overview

Streamline retail processes with omni-channel orchestration.

Fulfill orders across channels via seamless orchestration across systems:

  • • Satisfy the customer’s desire to buy from any channel
  • • Use the optimal inventory source for each order
  • • Profitably deliver multi-line orders at the customer’s chosen location


  • Fulfill the omni-channel promise
    • Fulfill the customer’s requests when and where, where and how they desire
    • Streamline processes to minimize error and margin erosion
    • Source products from most-desirable location
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
    • Augment and interconnect existing channel-focused systems
    • Eliminate restrictive technology silos
    • Automatically orchestrate processes across respective systems
  • Count on speed, scale and adaptability
    • Use industry-leading Software AG technology to assure speed and scale with peak demand
    • The solution adapts easily to new channel structures and routes to markets as you add them


The complexity of omni-channel

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