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Software AG Acquires Apama

Software AG has announced the acquisition of the business and technology of Complex-Event-Processing (CEP) Platform Apama. CEP allows organizations to immediately respond with timely and relevant actions related to operational, transactional and fraudulent activity- by correlating and analyzing business events across multiple data streams in real-time.

The Apama Event Processing Platform is a complete design and deployment environment for CEP applications. From graphical design tools to research and backtesting utilities, the complex event processing (CEP) platform provides analysts, developers and administrators a full lifecycle design center that is optimized for CEP solutions.

Apama is the leading provider of CEP technology to capital markets participants in trading, risk and compliance. The Apama platform offers a flexible and powerful platform for developing event driven applications as well as specific solutions for Algo Trading, FX eCommerce and Market Surveillance and Monitoring.


  • Unique graphical development tools accessible to business users. 

  • Concise, richly-featured event processing language.

  • Sophisticated analytics with native support for temporal arguments.

  • Immediate response to detected event patterns.

  • Highly scalable, patented event-driven architecture, supporting tens of thousands of scenarios.

  • Auto-generation of visually appealing and scalable user dashboards.

  • Flexible event replay for testing new event scenarios and analyzing existing ones.

  • Simultaneous processing of discreet (individual) and streaming events – with measurement & monitoring capabilities within a single engine.

  • Automated and secure packaging of EPL code.

Apama's CEP products also fuel fast data for financial services more broadly as well as ecommerce and telecommunications supporting fraud prevention, location and context-aware event processing and customer experience management.

For further information read the press release.