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Software AG acquires my-Channels, provider of the Nirvana high-performance messaging platform


What is being announced?
Software AG has acquired 100% of my-Channels Ltd, a provider of high performance messaging middleware.


Who is my-Channels?
my-Channels founded in 1999, has its headquarters in London and offices in Australia and Greece. It is the maker of my-Channels’ Nirvana - a high-performance messaging oriented middleware technology.


What is my-Channels’ customer base?
my-Channels has several top-tier banks as customers and is expanding to gaming, defense and e-commerce industries. my-Channels’ technology powers two of the top three Foreign Exchange (FX) platforms and handles about 40% of total world-wide FX volume.


Why is Software AG acquiring my-Channels?
The acquisition of my-Channels strongly enhances Software AG’s strategy for providing the flexible infrastructure - the agility layer - needed by customers to achieve business process excellence. The new technology also boosts Software AG’s ability to compete across the board from Application Integration and B2B Integration to BPM, CEP, and Mobile development. It also provides a key building block for Software AG’s Cloud and data management strategies.


How will existing my-Channels customers benefit from Software AG's portfolio?
my-Channels’ customers will benefit from the worldwide reach, maturity and financial security of Software AG. Software AG is over a billion euro company with offices in over 70 countries.  We support our customers with local account managers, a robust 24/7 follow-the-sun support organization and over 3500 professional services consultants. my-Channels’ customers will also be able to evaluate the value of complementing their investment in my-Channels technology with Software AG’s market-leading ESB, B2B, BPM and CEP capabilities. Finally, those my-Channels customers who already have Software AG products will benefit from tight integration of my-Channels technology with the rest of the Software AG portfolio.


How will existing Software AG customers benefit from my-Channels’ messaging platform?
my-Channels’ messaging platform enables a new set of use cases and applications for existing Software AG customers. It provides universal messaging infrastructure for

  • High-performance messaging capability to customers that have particularly high-volume/high-speed needs for their supply chain, logistics and e-commerce applications

  • Powering next-generation cloud, mobile, social and big data applications


How does my-Channels provide universal messaging infrastructure and what are its benefits?
my-Channels provides universal messaging infrastructure by providing a single, high-performance messaging platform to support a wide-variety of

  • Delivery options with any combination of server, cloud, mobile and web

  • Topologies – brokered, P2P and distributed

  • Platforms and protocols (Java, .NET, Adobe Flex, MQTT, HTML5)

  • Deployment options for both cloud and on-premise


Customers adopting such a universal messaging infrastructure will benefit from

  • Unhindered performance – no need for bridging technology between different delivery channels, thus avoiding any impedance across the infrastructure

  • Lower infrastructure costs – with a single platform and simpler architecture

  • Easier development, maintenance and operations – due to standard skill sets and consistent APIs for all hosts /clients


What will be Software AG’s combined product strategy?
Software AG will continue to invest in my-Channels platform to extend its lead in the messaging middleware market. We will also integrate my-Channels’ platform into the rest of the product portfolio, starting with supporting it as a JMS provider for the webMethods Integration Platform in Q2 2012.  Installation and administration of my-Channels’ platform will be fully integrated into the webMethods Suite in our next major release expected at the end of 2012. Software AG’s current messaging platform - webMethods Broker - will also continue to be developed and supported as the built-in enterprise messaging technology for the webMethods Suite.