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Software AG acquires Terracotta Inc.


Software AG is acquiring Terracotta Inc., a recognized leader in distributed caching and in-memory computing for Java, to radically improve application performance and scalability for enterprise and cloud applications.

Terracotta is the company behind some of the most widely used software for application scalability and performance, including the de facto caching standard for enterprise Java. The company’s software is deployed in more than 500,000 enterprise installations, including by the majority of the Fortune 2000.

Its product portfolio includes:

  • Enterprise Ehcache, an easy-to-deploy solution for hard-to-solve scale and throughput problems. With only two configuration changes, Enterprise Ehcache gives business-critical applications the capacity for non-disruptive, cost-efficient growth and migration to cloud environments.

  • BigMemory™, a breakthrough solution for the universal problem of garbage collection in Java applications. With a few simple configuration changes, BigMemory builds on and extends the capabilities of open-source Ehcache, the most widely used Java cache.

  • Quartz Scheduler, an enterprise-grade, commercial product that can be integrated with or used alongside virtually any Java application—from the smallest app to the largest enterprise system—to provide fast, flexible and extremely reliable job execution. 

The acquisition allows Software AG’s customers to implement significantly larger Business Process Excellence projects. That's because, with Terracotta solutions, accessing in-memory data is as much as 1,000 times faster than database access. This provides the performance and scalability needed to take full advantage of technology advancements in cloud computing, mobile computing, complex event processing and virtualization.

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