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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Report Edition

Those companies, who act responsibly are better at what they do. They implement the best data security. They make the fewest mistakes. They offer the fastest customer support. They design the most efficient processes that consume the fewest resources. They anticipate risks. Those who act responsibly are appreciated. Appreciation strengthens the bonds of customer and employee loyalty, and builds the most credible public image. Responsible action is therefore neither an end in itself, nor the result of an altruistic attitude.

Software AG’s definition of sustainability is not limited to ecological sustainability. It refers more broadly to the creation of long-term values. Our relationships to customers, our technology, our partnerships, investments in our company, and our knowledge capital—thanks to our employees—are all values that have existed for many years. These sustainable values benefit all stakeholders and society as a whole.

With the edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility report, Software AG provides an overview of its CSR activities for the first time in the company’s history.

Read the Corporate Social Responsibility Report (PDF version)

 Corporate Social Responsibilty Report



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