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CeBIT 2014: Software AG releases Intelligent Business Operations to handle next generation smart data applications

Hanover, Germany, 3/9/2014

Software AG today unveiled its Intelligent Business Operations Platform to address the business challenges posed by the explosive growth in the number of interconnected personal devices and digital sensors. Industry analysts predict the number of devices to rise from ca. 8 billion today to over 30 billion by 2020. This phenomenal growth in the Internet of Things, driving even faster growth in big data volumes, demands new, flexible, ultra-fast software architectures if enterprises are to keep pace. Software AG’s Intelligent Business Operations is designed to identify evolving internal and external business patterns within this huge volume of data, through continuous, non-stop analytics. Uniquely, Intelligent Business Operations extends its analyses to include business process performance providing a 360° view of operational and market data. Intelligent Business Operations can then take the right, intelligent action, response or process improvement in real-time.

The Intelligent Business Operations Platform is the culmination of three years of innovation in development and acquisition policy at Software AG. It can revolutionize the operations and customer interactions of any enterprise addressing the opportunities presented by the big data explosion. In addition to providing a measurable positive impact to an organization’s top or bottom line, Intelligent Business Operations allows organizations to minimize their resource usage through continuous process improvement to personalized customer services.   These new, sustainable digitally-driven business models: lean-carbon logistics, smart power distribution and eHealth initiatives to name three, also allow enterprises to make an improved contribution to environment protection and to society in general. 

“As more and more devices interact we develop a richer, individual digital identity. We develop a personal cloud of big data that we can use to utilize devices in the Internet of Things", said John Bates, CTO for Intelligent Business Operations and Big Data at Software AG. “What Software AG provides to its customers is the intelligent and location-aware filtering of these personal data clouds. This enables real-time decision making and a rapid business response to individual consumers or to specific operational events.”

CO2 footprint reduction - Intelligent Business Operations at CeBIT
Software AG is showing Intelligent Business Operations in action at CeBIT 2014, the world’s largest IT Expo in Hanover, Germany. The company shows how Royal Dirkzwager, the NW European maritime information and service provider, is significantly reducing the amount of fuel oil consumption by container vessels at the port of Rotterdam through Intelligent Business Operations called Port Visit Monitoring (PVM) ©. This approach can be transferred to other ports in Europe. Every day, an average European port could save a substantial amount of fossil fuel by introducing the Royal Dirkzwager PVM service that is powered by Software AG technology. 

Smart, empowered consumers - Intelligent Business Operations at CeBIT
With wearable devices alone forecast to generate five percent of sales for the Global 1000 by 2020, Software AG is also demonstrating the power of Intelligent Business Operations in supporting digitally empowered customers. The live demo shows how Google Glass can be used by customers to interact with the business processes of the retailer and its partners. By simply looking at a particular product, the customer utilizes Intelligent Business Operations to receive specific product price comparisons, product test information, customer product reviews, individual discount offerings and financing conditions Real-time alerts can be delivered to their mobile devices or overlaid on the real world via their wearable devices, enabling an optimal purchase decision. 

Intelligent Business Operations – A Unique Portfolio 
Intelligent Business Operations is the result of innovative Research & Development and Software AG’s best-of-breed merger and acquisition strategy that included the integration of Terracotta, Apama, JackBe and My-Channels.

The technology is built on a completely new in-memory architecture which allows for the real-time processing of extremely large data volumes, orders of magnitude larger than traditional database based IT architectures. Uniquely, Intelligent Business Operations can combine, in-memory, historical process discovery and performance monitoring data with real-time business operational data streams, market behavior and individual customer requirements. Intelligent Business Operations performs continuous analytics of this data, looking for new kinds of business patterns as events are happening or about to happen. This generates real-time business alerts through visual analytics. This in turn provides comprehensive support for either business decision makers or automatic and dynamic business process to take the right intelligent action. 

iBPMS – the next generation of business agility and visibility
Intelligent Business Operations is also integrated with other Software AG technology such as Software AG Live, the company’s PaaS platform and webMethods BPMS, the company’s Business Process platform. Software AG Live allows customers to prototype and roll-out solutions faster and provides a fully flexible, hybrid-cloud IT architecture to cope with unpredictable service loads, a feature of a global market of billions. 

Intelligent Business Operations combined with webMethods creates the industry’s leading iBPMS – intelligent Business Process Management Suite – in which business processes can adjust and adapt to opportunities and threats in process behavior and big data. iBPMS can predict problems, recommend pre-emptive actions and make automated, dynamic process changes in response to events in what is rapidly becoming an “open ended” or “customer-driven” supply chain.

“iBPMS offers enterprises a way to rapidly modify and improve their operational business processes to reflect changing business conditions in real-time”, said Software AG CTO, Wolfram Jost. “Real-time, automated process improvements or business decisions implemented within hours are fundamental to competitive success in today’s digital economy.” 

Software AG’s Intelligent Business Operations is available now.

More information about IBO can be found here.

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