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Market & Competition

Worldwide, Software AG is one oft he largest providers of enterprise software. In Europe, the company ranks among the TOP 10 software companies by the „Truffle 100 Europe“ (www.truffle100.com) report, published 2014, in which Software AG was ranked seventh out of the 100 largest European software companies.
With its products, Software AG operates in the market for infrastructure software. The following table shows the expected growth for the entire market as well as for the key market segments. In particular, the Application Integration and Middleware (AIM) market is the most important submarket for Software AG.


Software AG: Gartner Market Growth

As independent provider, Software AG belongs to the top five software vendors worldwide. The following graph shows the competitive environment of Software AG in its core markets Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Software AG: Gartner Top 5 Vendors

Here you will find more information on Software AG’s positioning by industry analysts.


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