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Gravis Bulgaria

Bulgaria, 1680 Sofia, 55A Todor Kableshkov blvd., floor 3, office 5
Tel: + 359 2 850 40 10, + 359 886 026 065
Fax: + 359 2 850 40 10
e-mail: office@gravis.bg


Partner Profile

Gravis Bulgaria is one of the IT leaders on the Bulgarian market. During its over 20 years of history Gravis Bulgaria gained recognition among its clients in both public and private sectors for its ability to cope with complex IT projects and deliver tangible and long lasting results.
Gravis Bulgaria is one of the leaders in Europe in management of customs business processes and development of IT solutions in the field of customs (NCTS, ICS, ECS, EMCS).

Focus of the company
The activity of Gravis Bulgaria is focused on three strategic areas: Analysis and modeling of business processes, Development of Enterprise Architectures and development of software solutions.

Vision. Innovation. Solution.
In today's global and fast-paced world, information technologies have an increasingly important role. The scope of these technologies have long stretches far beyond the corporate world. They lead to genuine transformation of society by changing people's lives, businesses and the economy.

We at Gravis Bulgaria are fully committed to achieving the business goals of our customers and increase their ability to adapt to changes in the business environment.
Driven by this business-centric approach, we focus on understanding the needs and challenges facing businesses, applying an understanding of "process approach" to the organization as a set of complex and interrelated processes that are the foundation of creation of value for any organization.
In the context of our vision, we believe that the vocation of IT is to enable to increase the business performance and business agility through knowledge transfer and business transformation.

The alignment our vision into action is based on the integrated application of innovation, covering all aspects of business transformation:
- Business Process Management (BPM) - as a tool to define the current state of the organization (as is) and the state to which we are strive (to be).
- Information technology as a vehicle to travel the road from "as is" to "to be".
- Enterprise architecture - a comprehensive approach to orchestration of business and IT aspects of the transformation that translates business goals into IT requirements.

Partner Solution

We offer a range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers throughout the entire cycle of business transformation. These solutions are based on leading tools, methodologies and technologies in relevant areas such as:

  • ARIS as the leading tool for BPM
  • TOGAF ADM as a means of creating and maintaining a Enterprise Architectures
  • Prince 2 and RUP as methodologies for IT project management and management of software development process
  • Unix, Oracle and Java as a platform for software solutions
  • Metaphore as own framework for more efficient software development process

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