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Partner Profile

Established in April 17, 1990, Sisindokom Lintasbuana, formerly known as Sisindosat Lintasbuana, aims to be  a leading Information Communication Technology (ICT) Service Provider in Indonesia and  the region.  Sisindokom Lintasbuana is getting ahead aggressively in delivering more comprehensive, integrated services and solutions to its customers. Sisindokom Lintasbuana is the first partner recruited to provide Software AG (formerly webMethods) solutions in Indonesia in 2003. As a Software AG partner with the the largest number of certified consultants  in Indonesia,  Sisindokom Lintasbuana has the expertise and experience in implementing and maintaining EAI, B2B, BPMS solutions based  on Software AG’s technologies for organsiations in the telecommunication, financial services and public sectors.

For more information, please visit www.sisindokom.com

Partner Solution

Sisindokom Lintasbuana provides end-to-end solutions from designing, implementing, and maintaining EAI, B2B, BPMS based on Software AG technologies.