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Product Overview

Optimized for large-scale transaction processing, Software AG’s Adabas Database Management System Platform provides ultra-high-performance and reliable data processing for enterprise business transactions.

Business needs

Continuous & cost-efficient operations
Adabas and its add-on tools take advantage of new technologies and innovations to provide exceptional transaction speed, availability and scalability at a manageable cost.

Support for unlimited data growth
In 2011, it took two days to create 5 Exabytes. Today it takes 10 minutes. Adabas delivers tremendous throughput and scalability to support the immense data growth arising from the combination of structured and unstructured data used across business processes.

Robust security
Avoid being front-page news. Adabas helps protect your enterprise from a security breach by enabling you to protect data at flight and at rest across applications. Adabas security tools can be an integral part of your comprehensive data security policy.

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