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Product Overview

Optimized for large-scale transaction processing, Software AG’s Adabas Database Management System Platform provides ultra-high-performance and reliable data processing for enterprise business transactions.


Feature Benefits
Low administration Adabas was designed to be administered by just one or two DBAs.
Reliable Adabas is well known for iron-clad reliability and failover protection.
Scalable Handles any volume of data, capable of processing 1+ million commands per second.
Security Tools are available for securing data at rest and data in motion as well as data masking.
Compliance Adabas offers an archiving tool that can be used to move and safeguard data to comply with data retention laws.
Disaster recovery Use Adabas-to-Adabas replication for real-time “hot-standby” disaster recovery.
SQL access Provide standard SQL access to external application or business intelligence tools.
Replication Assure real-time replication of changed Adabas data to Adabas, RDBMS and applications.
Portability Adabas was designed to be easily portable between mainframe and LUW platforms. Adabas runs on z/OS®, z/VSE®, z/Linux® and on LUW open-systems platforms.

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