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Adabas for Linux®, UNIX® & Windows®

Manage enterprise data on modern server platforms.

Data Access & Integration

Product Benefits
Event Replicator for Adabas on LUW
  • Highly flexible event-publishing tool that enables real-time data replication to target systems
  • Ensures continuous availability of Adabas data—ideal for real-time disaster recovery
  • Increases business responsiveness to keep customers satisfied
  • Improves decision-making with access to the latest data

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Adabas SQL Gateway
  • Empowers business users with real-time business intelligence
  • Enables real-time business analysis of Adabas data from the desktop by using standard SQL applications

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Adabas SOA Gateway
  • Simplifies access to Adabas from .NET and Java® applications
  • Expands access to critical data easily
  • Reduces development time and cost by leveraging existing data structures
  • Integrates Adabas data easily into business process flows
  • Brings valuable Adabas assets into a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

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Adabas Manager
  • Reduce batch processes to manage Adabas
  • One place to go to administer Adabas for LUW
  • Easy-to-use, GUI-based UI
  • Included with Adabas for LUW
Entire Net-Work
  • Message-based middleware service that allows Adabas databases to be accessed anywhere on the network, regardless of hardware, operating system or transaction processing environment
  • Applications do not need to know where Adabas resides
  • Allows encryption


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