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Adabas for Mainframe

The fastest OLTP database on earth!

Administration & Monitoring

Product Benefits
Event Analytics for Adabas
  • Goes beyond traditional performance monitoring to allow you to monitor event streams, detect and analyze event patterns, and take action immediately
  • By proactively identifying problems and potential fraud, you can provide a secure environment for protecting sensitive data
  • Continuously analyze data to optimize operations, mitigate risk and seize opportunities in real time

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Adabas Online System
  • Provides a single, mainframe-based interface to administer Adabas and add-on products via an easy-to-use screen-based menu
  • Reduces batch processes to manage Adabas and add-on products
Optimize for Infrastructure
  • Gives you one place to monitor Adabas, Natural, EntireX, ApplinX plus any SNMP-enabled component throughout your Digital Enterprise in real-time
  • Provides end-to-end application monitoring to see your overall environment more clearly and avoid costly system outages
  • Features include immediate, exception-based alerts, intelligent self-learning capability and dashboarding via interactive mashups

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Adabas Review
  • Monitors the performance of applications executing within Adabas environments
  • Use the collected data to determine chargebacks, debug programs, resolve error messages, identify programs using excessive resources, track historical resource utilization and tune the database to achieve optimal performance

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Adabas Delta Save
  • Enables administrators to back up only the changed blocks in the database from the time of the previous back-up
  • Keeps your database online all the time
  • Increases back-up efficiency—since only changed areas of the database are saved
  • Helps you lower costs by saving significantly on CPU usage, back-up cartridges and staff time

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