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Adabas for Mainframe

The fastest OLTP database on earth!

Optimization & Availability

Product Benefits
Adabas Fastpath
  • Automatically and intelligently stores frequently accessed records in a memory space to reduce CPU usage and optimizes performance
  • Allows a business to delay or avoid a CPU upgrade while enhancing application performance
  • No applications changes are needed

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Adabas Caching Facility
  • Buffers Adabas data and indexes in main memory, decreasing the number of physical reads and increasing database performance
  • Improves performance even with high update rates
  • Takes advantage of 64-bit addressing for speed
  • Reduces number of physical I/O operations to save on resources

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Adabas Cluster Services
  • Designed to run in an IBM Parallel Sysplex® environment, where up to 32 Adabas images can be executed in parallel in full data-sharing mode
  • Assures continuous 24/7 availability, even if part of a system fails
  • Enables you to grow your business without disrupting service
Adabas Parallel Services
  • Uses Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) technology to process commands in parallel via multiple Adabas nuclei running on a multi-engine CPU
  • Assures faster response times and unsurpassed throughput speed
  • No need to buy a new machine or change existing applications

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Adabas Vista
  • Powerful partitioning tool that allows very large Adabas files to be separated into multiple, smaller physical files with no changes to the application
  • Increases data availability
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Data can be restructured and relocated easily
  • Provides faster access to data through Vista key structure<

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