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Speed up integration of established and new IT environments.


Feature Benefit
Truly bi-directional support out of the box
  • Provides inbound and outbound service-wrapping

  • Intelligent wizards help quickly expose core application business logic

  • Trigger events from your established environments (mainframe, Linux®, UNIX®, Windows®, Natural and more)

Vast choice of communication models
  • Choose from a range of options: message queuing, RPC, reliable RPC, conversational, publish and subscribe

  • Meet a wide range of needs with a single product

Broad platform and environments support
  • Tight integration with Natural, CentraSite for SOA governance, webMethods Integration Server and BPMS, and webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure

  • Direct integration with Java®, .NET, Web services and webMethods Integration Server

  • Fast-track SOA infrastructure and process improvement projects featuring webMethods and ARIS

Unified environment with Natural and NaturalONE
  • EntireX and NaturalONE are integrated within one design-time environment

  • Allows Natural services to be called directly from webMethods Integration Server

  • Incorporate Natural services into your processes created with webMethods BPMS

  • Leverage your Natural system landscape into your business processes

Excellent design-time support
  • Conduct simple and quick integrations

  • Reduce the learning curve for your integration team

  • Wizards within the Eclipse™-based design-time environment let you create your integration scenarios quickly and easily across the Software AG product stack

Ease of operation
  • Count on a robust, proven run-time environment

  • Reduce ongoing management and maintenance demands


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