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Natural for Mainframe

The fastest, most reliable application environment.

Management & Monitoring

Product Benefits
Optimize for Infrastructure
  • Monitor Adabas, Natural, EntireX, ApplinX plus any SNMP-enabled component throughout your Digital Enterprise in real-time
  • With end-to-end application monitoring, you can see your overall environment more clearly and avoid costly system outages
  • Features include immediate, exception-based alerts, intelligent self-learning capability and dashboarding via interactive mashups

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Natural Advanced Facilities
  • Save time and costs with direct printing from a Natural application for CICS®, IMS/DC and UTM environments
  • Increase developer productivity
  • Easily integrate Natural and CICS environments
Natural Review Monitor
  • Monitor the performance and user activities of Natural applications running under CICS
  • Identify areas to optimize for performance gains
  • Reduce support costs with debugging and error resolution
  • Delay upgrades with Natural tuning
  • Monitor resource utilization
  • Plan for the future with historical analysis
  • Serves as a transaction processing monitor
  • Efficiently manage system resources for OLTP applications
  • Ensure application performance and availability for many concurrent users
  • Seamlessly integrate all the basic software services required by OLTP applications and provides a business application server to meet your information processing needs

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