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Natural for Mainframe

The fastest, most reliable application environment.

Performance & Security

Product Benefits
Natural Optimizer Compiler
  • Optimize Natural apps to run faster and reduce costs by turning simple program statements into machine code that is processed more quickly
  • Improve application response times by as much as 50 percent
  • Reduce system and IT costs—especially helpful when you’re charged for machine usage
  • Avoid expensive machine upgrades by using CPU time more efficiently

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Natural SAF Security
  • Reduce administration efforts to maintain security of Natural resources up to 90 percent by allowing connection with external SAF compliant security systems, such as RACF®, CA-ACF2® or CA-Top Secret
  • Re-use standard SAF security definitions with Natural
  • Simplify access and save time
  • Increase the productivity of Natural administrators

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Natural Security
  • Secure Natural applications during development and runtime by controlling user access with profiles to manage permissions for multiple user roles (such as administrator, user and group)
  • Control user access to Natural quickly and easily
  • Manage permissions for multiple user roles
zIIP Enabler for Natural
  • Move Natural batch workload to IBM® zIIP™ processors
  • Reduce Natural batch workload on the General Purpose Processor (GPP)
  • Increase capacity on existing GPP
  • Lower your TCO

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