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Product Overview

Software AG's Apama Streaming Analytics—supporting predictive analytics— is the world’s #1 platform for streaming analytics and intelligent automated action on fast-moving big data. Combining event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization, this platform is the most complete solution to turn relentless data streams—like those produced by the Internet of Things (IoT)—into meaningful real-time metrics.


Name Description
Apama Streaming Analytics Analyze and act on high-volume business operations and customer interactions in real-time. Correlate, aggregate and detect patterns across fast-moving data, so you can take the right action at the right time.
Apama Capital Markets Foundation A library of software components, including smart order routing, pre-trade risk, P&L services and more to enable capital markets organizations to rapidly build and evolve differentiated Intellectual Property (IP).
MashZone NextGen Business Analytics This self-service, real-time data visualization tool combines data from different applications to create dashboards, which can be displayed on any device.
Predictive Analytics for Apama Identify significant events and take actions before they occur with a powerful predictive analytics deployment solution and execution engine that complements the other capabilities of Apama Streaming Analytics.
Terracotta BigMemory Go big, go fast with the world’s premier in-memory data management platform that delivers extremely low, predictable latency at any scale.
Software AG Universal Messaging This low-latency universal messaging platform guarantees message delivery across all mainstream enterprise, Web and mobile platforms.

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