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MashZone NextGen Business Analytics

Insights in an instant.


Feature Benefits
In-memory analytics
  • MashZone NextGen Business Analytics leverages Terracotta BigMemory to offer an in-memory analytics language, RAQL, for analyzing data both big and small
  • Visualize data kept in Terracotta cache in NextGen dashboards
  • Use Terracotta cache as in-memory store of NextGen where data can be in-memory on local on-heap, off-heap or remote
Visualization & data mashing Dashboard creation begins by connecting to a multitude of data sources. That data can be sourced from multiple enterprise systems to create dashboards.

With MashZone NextGen Business Analytics, you can:
  • Create business-user-friendly dashboards by using the intuitive user interface
  • Count on comprehensive integration support for enterprise standards, including JDBC® support, CSV files, XML files, BigMemory, Apama and ARIS tables
Rich library of widgets All MashZone NextGen Business Analytics dashboards are based on HTML5 standards. Use these enhanced widgets to create dashboards:
  • Bar chart widget
  • Traffic light widget
  • Gauge chart widget
  • Pie chart widget
  • Grid chart widget


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