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Product Overview

Software AG’s webMethods Operational Intelligence Platform enables you to discover the “how” of your systems without modeling. You can build future-proof systems that give you visibility in real-time so you can take action when it matters most.


See how systems are running right now—not just after the fact. With webMethods Operational Intelligence, your business can gain a competitive advantage in fast-changing economic environments. You can understand your systems regardless of the software they are running, and you can build real-time monitoring into new solutions and business processes.

webMethods Operational Intelligence

What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Understand the past
  • Monitor and evaluate end-to-end processes running on your systems
  • Discover actual processes from heterogeneous systems—regardless of the software they are running
  • Create process models from your application logs


  • See what’s happening now with real-time event and KPI-level monitoring
  • Get alerted when there is a change to the average execution time of your business


  • Once you know what’s happening, you can take the right action at the right time
  • Move inventory, add resources, alert management—do whatever it takes to get business moving and improve customer satisfaction

Key Benefits

  • Achieve business transparency
    Discover processes in a non-intrusive way across systems. See why your processes are behaving the way they are. Review analytics based on data, process and organizational metrics.
  • Make real-time decisions
    Conduct automatic real-time monitoring. Get real-time alerts of key SLAs and KPIs. Predict future opportunities based on historical process data. Take real-time actions based on triggers and learned behavior.
  • Optimize your processes
    The platform is fully integrated with webMethods BPMS, so the processes you build are the processes you monitor. Continuously optimize processes end-to-end with out-of-the-box monitoring for BPMS-built processes.