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Product Overview

Software AG’s webMethods Operational Intelligence Platform enables you to discover the “how” of your systems without modeling. You can build future-proof systems that give you visibility in real-time so you can take action when it matters most.

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ARIS Process Performance Manager

Discover, analyze and monitor with ARIS PPM. Gain a clear understanding of your business processes and workflows at the actual execution level. And with that insight, you can determine what steps you need to take to improve overall process performance.

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CWS-boco increases service quality with Software AG

Working with consultants from Software AG, CWS-boco implemented ARIS Process Performance Manager. This solution allows service providers to measure and analyze completed processes within their SAP® environments, identify optimi­zation potential and transfer the information to their ARIS-based business process modeling system.

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Accarda optimizes customer loyalty with ARIS PPM

For many companies, customer loyalty card programs are an essential component of their competitive strategy. Greater customer loyalty and better insight into customer needs can lead to substantial increases in sales volume. Accarda AG, Switzerland’s leading company in this area, optimizes its program by using ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM) and the ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA) Platform.

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Automatic Process Discovery with ARIS Process Performance Manager

Get the details about ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM). See how you can identify the real root cause of process variations and exceptions. Understand how the combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis leads to a continuous optimization of business processes in terms of speed, cost and customer satisfaction.

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webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure

Stay on top of what’s happening with your webMethods infrastructure, so you can fine-tune performance and protect your business from downtime.

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webMethods Optimize for B2B

Optimize your supply chain with instant end-to-end insight.

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webMethods Optimize for Process

Catch process problems in real-time—before customers notice. “Save the day” by preventing revenue-impacting problems with Optimize for Process.

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Banque PSA Finance digitizes and optimizes processes with Software AG

Banque PSA Finance provides financing services for the sale of Peugeot and Citroën vehicles to individuals and businesses worldwide. The company uses ARIS and Software AG Process Performance Management (PPM) to improve global processes while reducing costs and risks. The solution helps the bank meets its goal of transforming into a Digital Enterprise.

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AXA France: 2014 Innovation Award Winner for Process Excellence

Learn about the award-winning innovation of AXA France, the first insurance brand worldwide. Staying first means keeping an eye on customer satisfaction. To improve claims management, AXA relies on Software AG Process Performance Manager (PPM) and MashZone. Insights into 100+ efficiency KPIs with more than 100 dimensions help managers understand the end-to-end behavior of claims management processes.

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