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Product Overview

Software AG's Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform provides a collaborative platform for aligning the IT landscape with the business to guide competitive transformation.

Business needs

Business/ IT synchronization

  • Create a common understanding of business strategy between IT and business departments
  • Derive IT requirements directly from business processes, strategies and capabilities
  • Communicate the business value of IT investments
  • Articulate how IT can drive business strategy and actively support business success
IT architecture management
  • Create an application and technology inventory of the existing IT landscape
  • Use standardization to ensure the IT landscape makes continual progress towards the enterprise’s architectural vision and is in step with new technologies
  • Improve IT agility by reducing the number of technologies being maintained, duration of projects and risk of downtime/failure
  • Reduce costs for licenses, operations, support and application integration, maintaining know-how to free up financial resources for innovation

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC)

  • Assess the impact of technology-related risks on business operations
  • Gain deeper insight into information security risks and threats
  • Improve the quality of developed solutions
  • Create transparency about the fulfillment of compliance issues

Application consolidation

  • Get insight into the business value of each application in comparison to the cost of maintenance and operations
  • Understand the impact of retiring applications on business processes
  • Implement a sustainable practice for continually reducing application costs despite introduction of new applications

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Translate your EA vision into the reality of deployable services
  • Transform redundant IT services into shared business services
  • Prioritize services that need to be built based on your EA
  • Make better investment decisions based on KPIs of the SOA deployment

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