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Product Overview

Software AG's Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform provides a collaborative platform for aligning the IT landscape with the business to guide competitive transformation.


Feature Benefits
EA design Design and implement an IT architecture that optimally supports the company’s business activities. Incorporate all architecture views—business, application, technology and information—into comprehensive architecture solutions.
EA frameworks & standards Architects and analysts can adopt standard frameworks such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) or ArchiMate® to guide the EA practice. Leverage high-level structuring frameworks such as Zachman® as well as detailed industry-specific frameworks, such as TM Forum’s Frameworx®.
Navigation & analysis Alfabet offers different ways to navigate through and analyze the EA repository, including simple, tree-based navigation and ad-hoc analysis in real-time, more than 1,000 standard reports as well as spreadsheet-based analysis.
Life-cycle analysis Capture the life cycle of all architecture elements and use standard reporting capabilities for conflict analysis between the various architecture layers. Integrate with operational business service management and change management solutions as well as application development and life-cycle management solutions to ensure there is a common view across the extended enterprise.
Standards definition Use standardization to streamline processes across federated environments. Define standard components to be used as the base platform for individual projects. Research the existing environment for upgrade potential to rid IT of outdated, inefficient technologies. Top-down and bottom-up analyses as provided by Alfabet help decide on appropriate standards as they provide useful insight into:
  • Component usage
  • Criticality and rate of incidents
  • Technology strategy, trends and business requirements
Architecture governance Establish key elements of EA governance, encompassing enterprise-wide policies for the design, implementation and automation of EA processes—for example, in regards to transparency, responsibility, flexibility, accountability and commitment to the organization’s business goals. Use automated workflows, monitors and notifications to embed governance in the EA practice.
CentraSite connectivity Alfabet can help companies identify SOA-relevant business services and compose SOA processes. CentraSite operates based on Alfabet EA Management Platform planning decisions for service design, implementation and deployment in a run-time environment. After service deployment, reporting facilities track the status, usage and impact of any change to services. This information is returned to the platform to ensure that the central SOA planning and governance effort is supported by current and complete data.
ARIS interoperability Create, plan and implement digital business solutions using one platform for collaborative business process analysis and IT solution design. ARIS-Alfabet interoperability provides:
  • Product interoperability for process/IT cross-analytics
  • Federated repository for flexible, customer configurable system of record
  • Automated synchronization of ARIS and Alfabet repositories
  • Aligned ARIS and Alfabet user interfaces for uniform “look and feel”
Collaboration Connect and communicate across the departments to improve processes and identify IT requirements. The collaboration capability allows the user to:
  • Start a collaboration for any object on any page
  • Branch off to related views while maintaining the connection to the original object
  • Invite any number of participants
  • Add documents
  • Save collaboration streams as reference for later activities, such as a project
*ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group.

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