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Product Overview

Software AG's ARIS Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Platform enables enterprises to confidently meet internal and external legal requirements and standards while efficiently managing risks.


Feature Benefits
Survey management Distribute questionnaires with predefined scores:
  • Conduct self-assessments or audit surveys
  • Re-use templates for periodic surveys
  • Track and evaluate survey results
  • Store results in the central repository
Issue management Manage problems and weaknesses in the ICS and let people know about them for fast resolution. Action tracking helps ensure follow-up on every defined activity:
  • Document every issue, from creation to completion
  • Create a central escalation workflow
  • Assign issues to the right process steps
Incident management Use a comprehensive workflow for incident management:
  • Categorize incidents by criteria, such as type of business and incident type or cause
  • Meet Basel II and Solvency II requirements
  • Trigger alarms when thresholds are reached
  • Evaluate expected losses
Control management Create and monitor controls after identifying compliance risks:
  • Deal with deficiencies in a timely and coordinated way with fully documented processes and responsibilities
  • Document control execution
  • Improve testing workflow
  • Quickly adapt to new laws and regulations
  • Demonstrate complete audit trail
Policy management Map policies, stored in a central repository, to business context with clearly defined responsibilities, affected processes, entities and more. Policy owners gather stakeholder approvals and then publish official policies. Employees can attest they’ve received policies and sign a formal confirmation. A seamless audit trail makes reporting fast and easy:
  • Assure clear transparency about responsibilities and context
  • Use policy workflows for approval, publishing and review
  • Count on an integrated workflow and notification mechanism
Regulatory change management Quickly and easily analyze business elements affected by regulatory changes:
  • Trigger responsible personnel to perform and document review tasks
  • Manage required changes via an issue management workflow
  • Give top management a top-level view of the change process using dashboards
  • Quickly adapt to new laws and regulations
  • Demonstrate a complete audit trail
Loss management Document losses resulting from incidents and classify them into different types:
  • Distribute losses according to organizational units, processes, cost centers and IT systems
  • Compare losses with risk capital and improve risk evaluation
  • Meet Basel II and Solvency II requirements
  • Trigger alarms when thresholds are reached
  • Use historical data for risk evaluation
Operational risk management
  • Easily identify and document risks in your processes, including financial and security risks
  • Evaluate risks for financial impact and probability
  • Visualize your risk status
  • Develop strategies to reduce enterprise risk
  • Count on support across the entire process, from risk identification
Audit management Our platform offers an integrated GRC system with one relational database aligned to business processes. This helps internal auditors manage paperwork and schedule audit-related tasks and get support for time management and reporting:
  • Reduce audit times and audit costs
  • Use Gantt charts for visualization on time axis
  • Create an undoubted audit trail
Modeling and process risk simulation Model your processes, including all relevant risk and compliance data:
  • Link risks and controls directly to the suitable process steps, and map them to the business context
  • Simulate risk events along defined business process chains
  • Analyze dependencies between business processes, risks and controls
  • Define all GRC-related data
  • Conduct what-if analyses
  • Store information in the central repository
Collaboration Unlock the power of collaborative process improvement:
  • Use an easy link between ARIS Connect and ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager
  • Engage anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Design, publish and create dashboards all in one tool
  • Link people, processes and IT
Publishing Publish risk and compliance information via Web portals for easy access:
  • Control who gets what information via rights or role-based access
  • Customize process portals to your corporate "look and feel"
  • Publish GRC information quickly, flexibly, reliably
  • See easy and intuitive views of process models
  • Improved acceptability with a business-oriented presentation
Analysis Analyze process information, such as time and costs, using standard or customized analysis and queries:
  • Quickly identify improvement potential
  • Understand and increase the business value of processes
  • Improve and benchmark your business
Governance Manage the process of process management:
  • Implement processes in a lightweight, model-driven way
  • Make changes without IT’s involvement
  • Reduce implementation efforts by 50 percent
Monitoring & reporting
  • Provide seamless documentation of all compliance-related activities to external auditors
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of risk management, internal audit activities, and policy publishing and attestation
  • Verify every user, action and result, along with time and date
  • Generate evaluations of the current status of test cases or risk assessments at any time
Dashboarding Quickly create dashboards that give managers up-to-date information on GRC activities:
  • Visualize top-level KPIs and analyze data in a variety of ways
  • See real-time snapshots of risk and compliance status
  • Easily identify ownership and responsibility
  • Gain an integrated view of GRC and BPA topics
Continuous monitoring
  • Respond in real-time to risk levels or control exceptions
  • Gain transparency into every single process and 100 percent data coverage
  • Trigger workflow tasks for immediate action automatically