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ARIS Architect & Designer

Design and analyze your Digital Enterprise.


Feature Benefit
One client lowers TCO
  • One installation works for everyone—process modelers, process owners, business analysts and strategists, and enterprise and information architects

  • Choose feature set based on role

  • Review and model using ARIS Designer

  • Analyze & manage or configure & administrate using ARIS Architect

  • Central repository assures consistency and re-usability of models and data

UI simplifies process design
  • Improve and understand processes easily via a modern, friendly UI that features tabs and pictogram-style objects

  • Speed up modeling with mini toolbar, fragments and powerful search capabilities

Method-based documentation improves collaboration
  • Process designers, recipients and users alike can use documentation

  • Everyone “speaks the same language”

  • Leads to standardization—a proven variant manager

Support for business notations
  • Supports both the language of business and IT with Event-driven Process Chains (EPC) or the more technical notation, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN™)

  • Also supports Unified Modeling Language (UML), value-added chains and Entity Relationship Model (ERM)

Central administration increases efficiency
  • Sign on once to use any ARIS product

  • Centralize identity management—create, update and delete user data in one storage system

  • Centralize license management and distribution to reduce workloads and data inconsistencies and to increase transparency

  • Share and link documents across ARIS software

  • Store all documents in one place

Spreadsheets for smart analysis
  • Functionality is comparable to Microsoft® Excel®

  • Combine ARIS artifacts with other data to calculate for results

  • Supports calculation formulas and spreadsheet templates

  • Re-use results in dashboards built with MashZone

Cross analytics for better, faster decisions
  • Increase transparency across the business

  • Conduct ad-hoc analyses, browse content and evaluate the ARIS repository independent of ARIS models

  • Save time with a graphical query builder

  • Design and manage results in views or spreadsheets

Fully configurable meta model
  • Configure and enhance the meta model with new artifacts, connections and models—no more waiting for the next ARIS release

  • Use wizards to define, enhance and manage specific meta models

  • Create new objects, connections and models

Extension packs expand with your requirements
Cloud accessibility
  • ARIS Connect integrates seamlessly with ARIS Architect & Designer making it possible to collaborate using all existing process content

  • Scale access to a wider range of people cost effectively


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