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Important Notice: 

The Software AG product compatibility information contained herein is the result from testing performed at the time of receipt of the software from IBM for the individual releases of a specific operating system or related subsystems. This product compatibility testing is not carried out for all Software AG products, but for those that have dependent code for the specific operating system, or related subsystem, platform, and therefore require such compatibility testing. 

We do not go back and carry out regression testing of our products on earlier versions of the operating system or subsystem still supported by IBM.

The information provided herein is only updated for any of the following reasons:

  1. The Software AG product is out of service.

  2. The IBM Operating System is out of service.

  3. There is a critical IBM Correction that affects the product under a certain IBM operating system and/or related subsystem.

  4. There are performance-oriented corrections within Software AG products that relate to the IBM hardware or software.