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Terracotta BigMemory

Get instant access to ALL of your data.


Feature Benefits
BigMemory Max

For distributed in-memory data management:

  • Cost-effective scaling: 1,000x faster than disk—store 10-100x more data on a single server (versus classic P2P in-memory grids like Oracle® Coherence)

  • Leverages SSD® & Flash® technologies in addition to DRAM® to scale to high TB data levels predictably and economically

  • Support for SQL to query in-memory data

  • Access to BigMemory data from multiple client platforms (Java®, .NET®/C# and C++)

  • 99.999 percent uptime

  • WAN data replication keeps data in sync and supports disaster recovery

  • Customizable Web dashboard for advanced monitoring and administration of Terracotta deployments

  • Configurable data consistency guarantees

  • Hadoop® to BigMemory output connector support

  • In-process off-heap storage

  • Advanced security (authentication/authorization)

  • Unlimited BigMemory mirrored stripes and application clients supported (based on license)

  • Includes all of the functionality of Enterprise Ehcache so you can achieve 10-times improvement in application response times and gain headroom for terabytes of data growth

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BigMemory Go

For standalone in-memory data management:

  • Use the entire in-memory capacity of a single machine without garbage collection pauses

  • Enjoy the same predictable, low latency at scale delivered by BigMemory Max

  • Automatic Resource Control moves data where it’s needed—without programming or tuning—for lowest possible latency

  • Customizable Web dashboard enables advanced monitoring and control of in-memory datasets

  • Fast search of in-memory datasets

  • Fault-tolerance and Fast Restartable Store technology delivers 99.999 percent uptime

  • Ehcache interface (the Java® de facto get/put API) means no need to rip up code

  • Java 7 compatible

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