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webMethods OneData

Govern & connect any MDM domain.

Process-Driven MDM

How OneData helps you improve business processes

webMethods OneData is ideal for process improvement projects—for example, when:
  • Creating a 360-degree customer view—improving and integrating customer processes and data sources to better serve the customer and up-sell and cross-sell
  • On-boarding customers—integrating customer processes to support new customers and build loyalty
  • Launching new products—integrating processes related to target markets, branding, distribution, retail and pricing
Because of its completeness—including multi-solution support, integrated data governance and trusted data deployment capabilities, OneData is a viable technology solution for any process-driven implementation.

Business-focused approach

webMethods OneData supports the three pillars for process-driven MDM:
  • MDM is a business–driven discipline supporting process optimization or transformation
  • MDM program scope is directly driven by process optimization needs, and MDM investments are tied to and measured by process improvement ROI
  • MDM should follow a cross-disciplinary approach involving stakeholders from different functions or business areas impacted by the optimized process
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Prime for MDM methodology

Prime for Master Data Management provides a framework and guidelines for implementing MDM. The methodology:
  • Specifies the principles and paradigms of the approach
  • Defines processes and procedures for the solution life cycle
  • Creates an inventory of relevant enablers and methods in support of critical activities

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Complete process-driven MDM environment

With Software AG, you gain a complete process-driven MDM environment that spans business models, data models, process models, the MDM system and actual process execution.

For example:
  • You can incorporate ARIS for process analysis and to build a conceptual data model, model governance processes, and document and communicate process changes
  • By incorporating webMethods application integration, you can assure SOA-based data interchange among source and target systems
  • With webMethods BPMS solutions, you can combine OneData to delegate MDM workflow

Complete approach to process-driven MDM

MDM assessments

To help you manage the complexity of MDM projects, Software AG offers conceptual consulting before and during your implementation of MDM. Our Master Data Assessment starts with a structured requirements assessment. From this, we derive concrete measures to help you realize project goals.

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