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Attract more customers with real-time personalized service.

You know your customers—so build on that knowledge:

  • • Gain insight—in real time —into an arriving customer’s previous interactions with the branch
  • • View predictions—based on real-time analytics—of your customer’s reason for visiting today
  • • Inform appropriate branch personnel of your customer’s arrival and meet their likely needs with real-time personalization

Key Benefits

  • Monitors for known customer arrival and movements within the branch
    • Detects arrivals, movements and departures
    • Maps registered mobile devices to customer accounts
    • Pulls customer information upon detection of customer’s arrival
  • Performs real-time analysis of a customer’s past interactions
    • Analyzes customer history for patterns
    • Identifies recent activities
    • Identifies current product use
  • Predicts, in real time, the possible purpose of visit
    • Predicts whether visit follows known pattern
    • Tracks movements to validate prediction
    • Reassesses intent in response to digression
  • Informs appropriate personnel of customer’s arrival and likely needs
    • Alerts personnel when customer arrives
    • Pushes customer information to appropriate personnel
    • Prompts personnel to meet customer
    • Suggests appropriate up- and cross-sell opportunities

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