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Attract more customers with real-time personalized service.

You know your customers—so build on that knowledge:

  • • Gain insight—in real time—into an arriving customer’s previous interactions with the branch
  • • View predictions—based on real-time analytics—of your customer’s reason for visiting today
  • • Inform appropriate branch personnel of your customer’s arrival and meet their likely needs with real-time personalization

Build a better branch experience

Human interaction—that’s something your Internet banking site can’t provide. So optimize how your branch office staff interacts with every customer. The way to do it? Software AG’s solution for Smart Branch Monitoring built on our Digital Business Platform.

You can detect the arrival of known customers the moment they enter the branch. Send an immediate alert to the staff person best positioned to help—with an understanding of what those customers are likely looking to accomplish.

Real-time analytics review past branch transactions and suggest possible reasons for today’s visit. Armed with that insight, your staff can engage customers quickly and provide the services they both need and desire. You can do all this with a personalized touch that will make them want to return to the branch in the future.

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