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Become the customer-centric digital bank of 2020.

Align processes to support your customer’s journey:

  • • Create detailed maps on the nature of customer journeys
  • • Understand how your processes, channels and organizations support those journeys
  • • Design and manage the transformations required to deliver a frictionless experience

Create a frictionless, customer-centric experience

Disconnects matter in a digital world—between how banks think their customers want to engage with them and how customers would really like to engage, between how quickly banks collect customer information and how quickly they act on it.

To build a bank with a sustainable future, you need to discard those disconnects and deliver a better customer experience. Where do you start?

Software AG’s Customer Journey Design solution is a digital transformation tool that builds on the Digital Business Platform to help you visualize a customer journey. You can enrich that vision with an understanding of how well your channels, touchpoints and underlying business processes support that journey.

Where disconnects become evident, you can implement an engagement strategy map that will drive the transformations—both technological and organizational—required of the digital bank you aim to be. You can deliver a frictionless customer experience and enjoy a mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationship.

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