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Detect fraud fast to prevent revenue loss.

Protect assets with real time fraud detection and data monitoring:

  • • Reduce time-to-detection, minimize losses and improve regulatory reporting
  • • Correlate massive transactional data against customer behavior and other key information in real-time
  • • Improve operational efficiency by automating fraud department workloads

Key Benefits

  • Minimize losses by reducing time-to-detection
    • Detect and stop fraud in real-time across banking channels
    • Correlate and identify patterns within high-velocity streams across channels
    • Match real-time transactional data against customer history profiles
  • Handle large volumes of data at high speeds
    • Manage massive amounts of data in motion from various data sources
    • Store relevant data in memory for low latency responses
    • Scale up or out to meet new demand
  • Identify and act on new unusual behavior
    • Use real-time analytics of transactional data, customer behavior and other historical data to correlate and identify patterns
    • Rapidly apply new fraud rules
    • Quickly create tailored fraud detection rules
    • Update and refine fraud rules in real-time
  • Increase management’s visibility
    • Monitor fraud investigation efforts to increase operational efficiency
    • Balance and prioritize workloads to ensure maximum recovery
    • Get complete auditing transparency and traceability

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