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Detect fraud fast to prevent revenue loss.

Protect assets with real time fraud detection and data monitoring:

  • • Reduce time-to-detection, minimize losses and improve regulatory reporting
  • • Correlate massive transactional data against customer behavior and other key information in real-time
  • • Improve operational efficiency by automating fraud department workloads

Monitor millions of transactions in real time

Today’s financial institutions need a real-time automated system to detect fraud across multiple channels and millions of transactions a day.

Enter Software AG’s solution for fraud monitoring and detection. Forward-thinking financial institutions use fraud detection software to identify unusual patterns and fraudulent activity by combining real-time transactional data and historical analysis of customer behavior.

Make slow, manual reporting a thing of the past and stop fraud before it happens. Our fraud detection and prevention solution on our Digital Business Platform tells you what happened, what is happening now and what is about to happen. As a result, with our fraud management solutions, you can control costs, prevent revenue loss and increase consumer confidence.

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