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Eliminate disconnects between banking channels.

Provide a consistent, frictionless customer experience:

  • • Connect current and future business processes and channel infrastructures
  • • Enable access to up-to-the-instant customer information from any channel
  • • Deliver the experience customers expect from a digital bank

Make sure all “virtual doors” lead to the same bank

Your bank has channels today that were unimaginable when its doors first opened. The Web portal, the call center, the mobile app—all these act as new doorways leading into your bank. But for many banks, these doors don’t seem to lead to the same place.

Your branch tellers may have no idea what your customers were doing on your Web portal; your call center agents may have no idea that a customer made a payment via the mobile app. This business process disconnects irritate customers and compromise what should be a frictionless experience.

Software AG can help you overcome these business integration and business activity monitoring challenges with an omni-channel integration solution based on the Software AG Digital Business Platform.

Your customers can shift seamlessly from channel to channel as their needs and inclinations dictate. Each engagement becomes part of a long-running conversation because your systems and personnel—on every channel—have full insight into the customer’s previous interactions, no matter how recent, on all your channels.

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