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Seize the moment—deliver a high-touch customer experience.

Capture, analyze and act on customer insight across all channels:

  • • Contour your key business processes to deliver on customer expectations more effectively and efficiently
  • • Connect all processes to streamline customer engagement
  • • Empower personnel to ensure the relevance and timeliness of your services to support customers at every step

Analyze, predict and be ready with the right response at the right time

Your customers want answers faster than ever—so they connect as needed through your call center, Internet and mobile channels. In their eyes, though, these are not separate channels. They are all part of you—and if they visit your website at 9 o’clock in the morning, they expect your call center personnel to know that when they call at 9:05 with questions.

If neither your business processes nor your infrastructure can meet these evolving expectations, your ability to seize the business moment is lost.

Software AG’s Real-Time Customer Insight  provides the tools, integration platform and real-time analytical services you need to deliver an intelligent, high-touch customer experience. Built on the Digital Business Platform, the solution enables you to capture, analyze and act upon customer interaction information across all channels.

You can make the most of every customer interaction and increase customer satisfaction while also making your employees happier and more effective at their jobs.

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