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Customize digital signage to speak to each banking customer.

Your customers have different needs—so your signage should display different messages:

  • • Analyze the viewing area of digital signage and anonymously determine customer segment—in real time
  • • Push segment-specific real-time messaging to existing digital signage
  • • Detect and interpret a viewer’s reaction to content in real time and take an appropriate action

Key Benefits

  • Drive the delivery of individualized content to your signage
    • Detect age and gender of your viewers and present segment-specific content in real time
    • Map content to specific market segments
    • Integrate smart signage into your existing digital signage infrastructure
  • Protect viewer anonymity while presenting targeted content
    • Analyze facial features and expressions, not individual faces
    • Push segment-relevant information that will resonate with the type of viewer detected
    • Update display content in real time as new viewers are detected
  • Integrate with other retail banking systems for seamless customer engagement
    • Integrate with existing financial product management systems to push up-to-the-moment terms and rates to signage
    • Integrate with customer discovery and account management systems to enable even more personalized signage

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