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Customize digital signage to speak to each banking customer.

Your customers have different needs—so your signage should display different messages:

  • • Analyze the viewing area of digital signage and anonymously determine customer segment—in real time
  • • Push segment-specific real-time messaging to existing digital signage
  • • Detect and interpret a viewer’s reaction to content in real time and take an appropriate action

Engage your banking customers with smart signage

Customers come into your branches for many different reasons, and most of those reasons you know: A young couple might come in to inquire about a mortgage, a car loan or a college savings plan. An older couple might be interested in information about insurance, retirement accounts or annuities.

How can you create a branch experience that speaks to each of these different customer segments? Signage focused on college savings accounts may discourage the customers interested in insurance or annuities. They may feel that your bank has nothing to offer or isn’t interested in their needs.

The Smart Signage for Retail Banking solution, based on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, can detect the age and gender of a viewer—in real time, as they stop before a sign. It can then push content to the sign that is targeted to that specific customer segment, so each sign always speaks to the needs of the person perceived to be standing before it.

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