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As banking speeds up, detect and respond to issues faster.

Meet today’s must-know-now expectations:

  • • Gain insight into complex event processes across systems and services
  • • Monitor business process performance against KPIs and other metrics
  • • Detect performance anomalies and exceptions in real time
  • • Identify problem causes immediately
  • • Issue real-time alerts to facilitate issue resolution

Discover issues, connect the dots and respond—faster

When you had several days to initiate a mortgage or settle a trade, waiting 24 hours for a confirmation report was not an issue. If the report revealed a problem, you had plenty of time to fix it. But that kind of buffer no longer exists.

Business processes that used to take days now take minutes or seconds. If something goes awry, you have only minutes or seconds to understand the issue, identify the cause and correct it.

Software AG helps you facilitate business activity monitoring in real time with a highly configurable solution for end-to-end visibility and real-time analytics. Built on Software AG's Digital Business Platform, this business process management system lets you:

  • Use real-time analytics to peer into the deepest levels of your workflows and business processes
  • Discover root causes of problems, delays, bottlenecks and other issues that can compromise business process execution and complex event processing
  • Detect issues and respond in a way that meets today’s performance expectations

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