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Stay on the acceptable side of business risk.

Take a process-oriented approach to governance, risk and compliance:

  • • Align risk, control, compliance and audit activities with performance measures and risk management systems
  • • Automate workflows to support risk assessments and define risk responses
  • • Build, operate, institutionalize and monitor controls as part of your Business Process Management (BPM) architecture

Key Benefits

  • Set objectives and identify risks
    • Define mission, vision and business objectives
    • Map risks against objectives
    • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Perform risk assessments and define risk responses
    • Analyze existing process architecture
    • Identify existing risks and vulnerabilities
    • Identify opportunities for process improvements
    • Formulate responses for identified risk situations
  • Build, operationalize and institutionalize controls
    • Plan and prioritize control construction efforts
    • Design and test controls
    • Integrate with identified systems
    • Refine controls as necessary
  • Monitor and respond to risk in real time
    • Monitor and analyze processes continuously
    • Detect risk events in real time
    • Respond appropriately as risks change
    • Manage risks even before they occur using predictive analytics

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