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Anti-money laundering due diligence requires insight and speed

Validate the bona fides of your customers quickly, thoroughly and painlessly:

  • • Rely on a single customer record in all your dealings with a customer
  • • Initiate due diligence efforts as part of the on-boarding process
  • • Facilitate ongoing updates of customer information
  • • Trigger automated responses to suspicious activities
  • • Insulate investigations from leakage and tip-offs

Verify first, then trust

Customers intent on co-opting your services in order to launder money or fund illegal activities are hardly going to be forthcoming about this. They will go to great lengths to obfuscate the truth—with bogus companies, multiple accounts opened in multiple countries and much more. Yet since the penalties for doing business with customers performing such misdeeds can be severe—both financially and to your reputation—you need to be very sure that you know your customers and their business activities to be legitimate.

With our process-driven Know Your Customer (KYC) solution, built upon Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, your institution can incorporate your due diligence efforts into your customer on-boarding processes.

You gain a single, golden source of truth containing information about each customer, their relationships, their accounts and more, which enables deep visibility into even the most complex organization. You gain tools to keep your analysis of each customer current, too, ensuring that you can show, at any time, that you really do know your customers.

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