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Flexible liquidity, risk and execution management for fast-moving FX e-commerce.

Gain a sustainable competitive advantage with an agile FX e-commerce platform:

  • • Depend on a customized not a generic black-box solution
  • • Tune prices and manage risk on a per-client basis
  • • Aggregate liquidity price and volume while reducing market impact

Why you need an agile FX e-commerce platform

In today’s markets, firms need to manage market fragmentation, fierce competition, low margins and the need for bespoke services. They need to bring liquidity management, risk management, and pricing and execution into a single end-to-end FX e-commerce platform.

You can do just that with a solution based on market-leading Apama FX Streaming Analytics Platform. As FX trading volumes increase and spreads narrow, the solution enables successful algorithmic trading and bespoke real-time pricing through a unique set of capabilities.

Rely on an open and flexible foreign exchange trading platform combined with a rich library of capital markets functionality to stay responsive to changing market demands on our Digital Business Platform.

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