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Market surveillance: Identify suspicious behavior before the damage is done.

Keep watch with real-time market surveillance of improper and illegal trading:

  • • Rapidly detect rogue, abusive or erroneous trading and respond quickly
  • • Respond to changing regulations with a customizable surveillance platform
  • • Monitor multiple markets, asset-classes and jurisdictions using a single solution

Keep your market surveillance a step ahead of changing regulations

In today’s markets, financial firms need a market surveillance platform to quickly detect and respond to abusive and erroneous trading. Take on this challenge with a solution—right out of the box—based on proven Apama technology.

Our market surveillance solution combines real-time and historical data to detect market abuse, manipulation, money laundering, rogue trading and rogue algorithms across asset classes and markets. You can scale it to meet the most demanding big data volumes.

Gain the flexibility and agility to meet specialized and evolving regulatory requirements. Deploy market surveillance across risk and compliance functions for both pre-trade and post-trade monitoring on our Digital Business Platform.

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