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Your smart solution for real-time trade activity monitoring and risk management.

Avoid costly trading errors without missing timely trading opportunities:

  • • Analyze streaming, high-volume trade order data with real-time analytics
  • • Act in response to real-time data triggers
  • • Evolve flexibly to meet growing demands

Avoid the billion-dollar error

Too often, trades that should not take place still take place. It may be a matter of a finger hitting the wrong key and adding (or omitting) an extra digit. Perhaps there’s an inadvertent input inversion–buying at the sell price instead of selling at the buy price.

Any way you look at it, though, such business process mistakes can create huge risks. If the errors are large enough, they could put you out of business. You need a way to ensure that such errors are caught before the trades are executed and the damage—which could be catastrophic—is done.

Use Software AG’s Pre-Trade Risk Management solution, built on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, to monitor trading activity with real-time analytics and act upon orders according to rules you establish. This risk management system ensures that trade orders that warrant scrutiny—as anomalies, exceptions to established norms and more—can be analyzed and reviewed before they are fully executed. This helps you avoid the financial and market-disrupting consequences that might otherwise follow if erroneous trades went unchecked.

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