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Globally scalable, real-time analytics for detecting signs of money laundering.

Stop illicit activities through real-time AML transaction monitoring:

  • • Monitor high-volume transaction streams in real time
  • • Trigger automated responses to suspected money laundering activities
  • • Rely on a single customer record to facilitate visibility
  • • Insulate investigations from leakage and tip-offs

Monitor transaction transgressions

Organizations trying to use the complex machinery of finance to launder money tend to be pretty sophisticated in their approach. They will set up dummy companies, open multiple accounts under multiple names in multiple countries and more—hoping they’ll be able to create transactions that are so layered and complex they will not appear to be the money laundering activities that they are.

Since the penalties to you for facilitating money laundering—even unwittingly—can be severe, you need tools to monitor, flag and stop such transaction transgressions in real time.

With an activity-oriented Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution based on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, you can monitor, analyze and receive real-time alerts about customer activities and transactions that suggest money laundering intent. You can do this across business boundaries, geographic boundaries, even the internal boundaries that isolate different business units and divisions in your organization.

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