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Leverage real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to optimally maintain equipment.

Maintain the highest equipment availability while decreasing current costs:

  • • Avoid costly corrective or preventative maintenance
  • • Ensure performance and availability utilizing real-time sensor data for condition monitoring and prediction
  • • Diminish technician overtime and “just in case” spare parts inventory levels

Capitalize on a new revenue stream while ensuring higher service quality:

Preventative maintenance is expensive, downtime caused by equipment failures is even more costly but machine maintenance has been performed this way for years. Even if you can predict failures, dynamic technician scheduling associated with equipment maintenance management requires insight into real-time held inventory, technician location and estimated service completion time.

Software AG’s solution for predictive maintenance leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) by continuously analyzing real-time equipment sensor data via machine monitoring to understand when maintenance will be required. Technician locations are coupled with replacement/repair equipment available and job completion time to identify the best technician available to perform the needed service during a scheduled downtime.

Turn a costly operational expense into a source of competitive advantage with Software AG’s solution for IoT predictive maintenance on our Digital Business Platform.

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