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You can’t avert risk events—but you can manage them with improved supply chain visibility across your global supply chain.

Understand and prepare for what could disrupt your supply chain:

  • • Model risk scenarios to understand your vulnerabilities
  • • Monitor risks in real time through live data feeds and real-time analytics
  • • Respond automatically to risks passing specified thresholds

Stay in front of your global supply chain risks

It may be a sunny day at headquarters but there’s a hurricane bearing down on one of your principal suppliers half a world away. And if that factory is damaged, then your promised product shipment dates will slip—perhaps by weeks.

While there are good reasons to build a global supply chain, there are also risks that may not be apparent at first, and unless you can monitor, manage and respond to evolving supply chain risks, your business may be more vulnerable than you know.

Bolster your global supply chain visibility with our Supply Chain Risk Management solution, built on the Software AG Digital Business Platform. This risk management system enables you to model and understand the risks associated with a given supply chain commitment—and manage those risks. You can even use real-time big data and real-time analytics to respond—automatically—if events occur to push supply chain risks past the point of acceptability.

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